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Picking the Perfect Locket for your Partner

Picking the perfect locket for your partner. Fellas, we’ve noticed. When it comes to down to it, jewellery is not your strong suit. We’ve decided to make the process a bit easier for the blokes with this guide, so you aren’t all going home to a fake smile and un-enthused “It’s great, honey. I’ll just […]

Mantra Bands

Mantra Bands Blog If you’re a lady who loves yoga, you probably know what a mantra is. A mantra is a powerful sound or vibration used to ease your mind into a state of complete relaxation, or, meditation. Practiceing meditation daily is said to have several health benefits, as well as generally improving your life’s […]

Mums Special Day

Perhaps she keeps you fed with oversized hearty home-cooked meals. Or maybe she brings pizza home after work. Perhaps she spoils you with knitted overcoats in Winter or maybe she lets you curl up in her arms to fight the cold. All mothers are different, but one thing will always stay the same and that […]

Happy Easter

Happy Easter It’s that time of year, folks! Easter is nearly here, so start prepping your children for the mass sugar hit to come! It’s chocolate season ladies and gents, and no one deserves to miss out! So parents, throw on your Easter bunny costumes and start planning that egg hunt because the day is […]

Tips for Your Wedding Jewellery

Tips For Your Wedding Jewellery Jewellery, quite surprisingly, seems to be an afterthought, rather than a priority, when it comes to planning a wedding. Big mistake! The right jewellery should show off your beautiful dress and make you feel fantastic, all day long. It’s easy to get carried away with your budget, because you want […]

Arm Candy!

Arm Candy! Arm-candy is in style! No, not the kind you’re thinking of… The kind that comes from LocketInn! Our bangles are rapidly increasing in popularity, and for a few reasons! Available in gold, rose gold or silver, our bangles work the same way our lockets do- fill them with charms, and relish in the […]

Love & Care of your Locket

Love & Care of your LocketInn Locket- The Do’s and Don’ts. After purchasing a piece of our jewellery, we want our customers to be able to cherish the product as a special keepsake for as long as possible! What’s important to you is important to us, so how to take care of your new locket […]

Valentines Day Lockets

Valentine’s Day Lockets   That time of year is coming up quick! The day where men of the Earth scatter and hide in fear of the burning holes in their wallets… You guessed it, it’s Valentine’s Day!   Consider this message a matter of sincere condolences to all the boyfriends and partners out there who […]

Lifetime Replacement

Accidents happen. Kids get into things, pets run amok and some of us adults are just plain clumsy. But don’t worry, we totally get it. LocketInn favours the uncoordinated and even offers a Lifetime Glass Replacement Policy in the case that things turn sour. This guarantee ensures all our customers are granted peace of mind […]

Jimmy Crystal Swarovski Earrings

    Birthdays are special. The day the Earth was gifted with such a beautiful and talented human is a time to cherish. But enough about me- one of the best things about birthdays is all the wonderful and unique facts you learn about yourself. Zodiac signs, moon phases and of course birthstones! Whether your birth […]