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Merryn Kenderdine

My partner of 2 years have spent everyday together since we first met. It truly was love at first sight. Last year for my birthday he went away for a week for work (our first time away from one another) and he got back just in time for my birthday, he surprised me with a […]

Megan Perrett

Steve and I met through mutual friends.20 years of marriage and love me having breast cancer Steve had double leg amputation He died 2015.

Lyn Ham

Once upon a time, no self esteem,abusive relationship,along came knight in shining armour. My friend and her boyfriend were at a local hotel and her boyfriends army friend went in. They concluded that it would be good for him to meet me. He came and for me it was love at first sight . I […]

Wayne Hewson

It was love at first sight & I’ve been married to this wonderful women for 31 years & I wouldn’t change a thing that’s love

Leanne Morris

I was trying to kick 2 men out one night on closing from a local pub I use to work. Both men dropped to their knees and started singing Top Gun Song-“You’ve lost that loving feeling” ! I have now been marriage to one of them for 11 years and his accomplice is still his […]

Katie King

My boyfriend and I met at college. He was trying to wing-man for one of his friends. He’s really cute but a bad wing-man.

Gavin Black

Arranged to meet in a coffee shop through a friend….finally laid eyes on her sipping a latte and reading the paper -gorgeous!