LocketInn offers a huge collection of beautiful mantra band bangles. Find the best bangle to buy online for your beloved or yourself at best price.
  • Bangle Mantraband (Open Cuff Bangle)

    Bangle Mantraband (Open Cuff Bangle) (19)

    Mantraband Bangles are simple inspirational open cuffed bangle band with an uplifting message to get you through your days. Wear your Mantraband Bangles every day as your daily reminder, affirmation, and inspiration. Buy Now
  • Kids

    Kids (4)

    These are really cute! This bangle is made with a removable 25mm silver locket. The bangle/bracelet is a silicone slap bracelet in multicolored shades. It is a slap bracelet which means you tap it against your wrist and it fits itself to you. It will fit any size wrist. Locket can be filled with personalised charms.
  • Locket solid Bangles

    Locket solid Bangles (5)

    LocketInn offers solid band stainless steel locket bangles in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. These glass locket bangles can be customised with plates and charms.    
  • Other Bangles

    Other Bangles (2)

    Explore a wide range of cuff bangles & other designed bangles for women at Locketin. We offer good quality of jewellery at affordable prices.