Picking out a piece of jewellery is an incredibly personal decision. More than our clothes, shoes and bags, the jewellery we wear tends to mean something to us, especially the pieces that we put on every day. Usually, these meaningful, inspirational pieces of jewellery are given to us as gifts — like a string of pearls or a photo locket that parents hand down when you finish school or the bracelet your ex-boyfriend gave before he went to college — which is why we’ve deemed them so special. But there are certain pieces meant to be gifts to ourselves that still hold the same level of importance.

Certain jewellery, because of where it comes from, what it says, or what it symbolises, can be inspirational all on its own, without having to have some sort of history related to who gave it to us and why. Wearing one of these pieces is a great way to remind yourself of what you believe in, and to hold an important message close to your heart (or neck, or wrist, depending on whether it’s a necklace/bracelet, bangle).

Here are inspirational jewellery pieces that make the perfect gift, for yourself because not only are they all delicate and tasteful, but they also all happen to actually create positive energy. Decide which one best fits your needs and then go ahead and #treatyourself.