• Australiana


    Australiana Charms The land down under has a lot to offer. It's a beautiful and adventurous country to be both visiting and living in. There are many reasons to carry an Australiana charm.
  • Opals & Crystal Piece

    Opals & Crystal Piece

    Opals & Crystal Piece Stunning, powerful and unique crystals pieces to energise and beautify your space. In this opal charm we only use high Australian opal mined from Coober Pedy, Andamooka, Queensland Boulder and Lightning Ridge. Our crystal pieces are soured within Australia.
  • Animals


    Animals Charms Animals are excellent representations of who we are as people. They remind us of the important things in life and can teach us a thing or two.
  • Causes


    Causes Charms By carrying a "cause charm" or “awareness charms” you contribute to support a cause by your choice, and put it in the spotlight. Shine the light on causes.
  • Celebration


    Celebration Charms Celebrations are joyful occasions and special festivities that mark a happy event. It is important to give it attention when something special happens in our lives.
  • Characters


    Character Charms Entertainment is something that elicits a feeling. Whether it makes you laugh or cry, it takes you out of your reality. To many it can be an escape, to help you get your mind off your stressful life.
  • Dance


    Dance Charms Dancing is often associated with happiness. To many it is a way to let go of their emotions, either good or bad. It releases stress and takes you away.
  • Faith


    Faith Charms Faith is unconditional and comes from the core of our hearts. It doesn't have to be rational and it doesn't have to be religious. It is honest and nobody can take it away from us. If you have faith, put “faith charms” in your locket and keep it close to your heart.
  • Family


    Family Charms Family is a strong word. It means a lot more than a relative by blood or marriage. It means the people who accept you no matter who you are, where there's no hatred or judgement. The love of a family is unconditional.
  • Fashion


    Fashion Charms Fashion is all about confidence. It is a reminder of experimenting, making a statement and last but not least having fun! Showcase your style with our unique Fashion Charms.
  • Flowers


    Flower Charms Some flowers have deeper significance than others. Love, friendship, death, longing, innocence, and so on, they can all be expressed with the type of flowers or colours you choose. If you want to send a message, put a flower charms inside your locket so others can see it.
  • Food


    Food Charms Food releases pleasure inside us that makes us happy and emotional. Maybe some kinds of food even remind you of a memory. If you have a memory or a taste for something special, express it with a “food and drink charm” so everybody can see it.
  • Hobbies


    Hobby Charms A hobby is an activity you love doing in your spare time. Focusing on a hobby is a good way to clear your mind of other things, and meet new interesting people.
  • Inspiration


    Inspirational Charms The word inspiration means to be in spirit. When you're tuned into your spirit, you are naturally drawn to do whatever feels best. The inspiration can for example arouse you to be selfless, creative or reach your goal. LocketInn offers inspirational word charms that includes motivational message, quotes and phrases.
  • Letters


    Letter Charms Letters can be used to represent whatever you want it to. We often use the first letter charm to represent a name, for example G for Gary.
  • Love


    Love can be shared with friends, family and romantically with a partner. It makes you feel accepted for who you are, and makes yo want to be a better person. It is unconditional, beautiful and always good. Therefore it's important that we keep spreading the love and express how we feel. Our selection of love charms gives you the opportunity to show your emotions.
  • Music


    Music Charms Music can move us in a wonderful way. Some music gives us goose bumps while other makes us cry or dance. Our mood can drastically change all depending on what we are listening to.
  • Numbers


    Number Charms Every number has a certain representation. It can be in context with nature, universal principles or a personal matter. If you want to express a number that is special to you, carry “number charms” with you in a locket.
  • Occupations


    Occupation Charms  A person’s occupation can mean a great deal to many. It points out their identity and gives them a sense of purpose. Most people today find it meaningful to have a job. Not just because it gives them an income, but also because it challenges them.
  • Plates


    Plates Our plates are beautiful backgrounds for your charms. Plate charms come in different sizes and colours. You can also double up with two plates facing different directions. That way it doesn't matter what side your locket shows, neither will be front or back.
  • Sports


    Sport Charms People can relate to sports in many ways.  By carrying a charm of your sport, you can visually express who are as a person.
  • Swarovski


    Swarovski Crystals The Swarovski Crystals are breathtakingly beautiful and capture our full attention. Whether you want to include the Swarovski Crystal because it's your birthstone, it's your favourite colour or because you like it's representation, it's up to you. Either way, they are all shiny and beautiful.
  • Travel


    Travel Charms Travelling is a burning passion for many people.  Show your passion by carrying a "travel charm"