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    Locketinn Collection has developed a fun and versatile insulated thermal "Chill-Inn" wine goblet & "Bottle-Inn" insulated decanter for the every day Australian climate. Have your favourite drinks at an ideal temperature every day of the year with our triple layer stainless steel design. Forget lugging around the traditional esky at your next get together, the Bottle-Inn decanter has a classy, seamless design vacuum sealed to avoid condensation. This shatterproof, unbreakable design is perfect for travel, festivals, picnics and BBQ's. Drink with confidence on your next adventure.
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    Jimmy Crystal was founded in 1991 and has been dazzling the world ever since. We are a cutting edge design-driven manufacturer based in New York City with over 22 years’ experience creating gorgeous, stunning, and unique items embellished with Swarovski Crystals. They are one-of-a-kind designs crystallised in the heart of NYC’s Fashion District. JIMMY CRYSTAL NEW YORK’S fabulous collections can be found in boutiques all over the USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Dubai and now, in Australia with Locketinn. Jimmy Crystal signature style has attracted some of the most stylish individuals and iconic celebrities to the brand. The Jimmy Crystal name is synonymous with dramatic, alluring and captivating design. Each and every piece created is crafted with the most stringent quality control procedures to ensure nothing but the finest for Jimmy Crystal clients. Made with Swarovski Elements. All watches have a Stainless steel watch back bases and are nickel & lend free. All of Jimmy Crystal items come with a one year warranty to assure ultimate customer satisfaction. Jimmy Crystal sets a new standard for elegance – while dazzling the world!
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    Featured Lockets What is a Featured Locket you ask? Good question. Each week LocketInn Designers make up some inspirational lockets and post them on social media. These completed lockets might have been inspired by an event on the weekend, their family or pets, the weather or even a random memory - just about anything! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen these wonderful creations popping up on our timelines. Featured Lockets are the most popular ones that have been on Facebook, the ones that make people leave comments like 'gorgeous' and 'love it - want it'. So, in a way, you could say these are the best of the best - our most popular lockets assembled by people with passion who love their job. Now, you can purchase these Featured lockets online, use them for inspiration to make your own, or you can design you own locket from scratch in the Design a Locket section of this website. Please note that these Featured Lockets do not include chains.
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    Lockets There is nothing more romantic than wearing a reminder of someone you love close to your heart. For centuries, the locket—a pendant that opens up to reveal a small space to insert a portrait, lock of hair, or tiny love letter—has been a lady’s favourite accessory to do just that. Lockets evolved from ancient amulets. European designs for lockets appear to date to the 16th century, when small pendants were worn to conceal good luck charms, small fabric squares soaked in perfume to ward off the poor smells on public thoroughfares, painted portraits, and even, on occasion, poison. Lockets come in a variety of qualities: gold with diamonds and other precious stones, gold filled, gold tone, sterling silver, stainless steel, and silver tone. Some lockets have glass, some have celluloid covers, and some were made and sold without any covering for the photo spaces. Whether you are a collector or someone who loves antique jewellery, lockets are a wonderful and personal way to display your personal style. All jewellery boxes should have a Locket.
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    Gifts from Heaven Collection The loss of a loved one is something we take very seriously here at LocketInn. The mourning process is not to be rushed and should be executed with the utmost care. To some, having something physical to preserve the remains of your deceased is an honourable way to commemorate the life lived. Our Gifts from Heaven range are designed to do just that. Hold treasured memories close to your heart with an urn pendant, a special jewellery piece that's both beautiful and practical.