• INN-Specs Audio Sunglasses

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  • INNsulated Collection

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    Locketinn Collection has recently developed this new collection, called Innsulated Collection. This new range consists a fun and versatile thermal "Chill-Inn" wine goblet & "Bottle-Inn" insulated decanter. First of all, designed with triple layers of stainless steel so all drinks stay at the perfect temperature! No more worries about taking a sip and getting a mouthful of stale-tasting, room temperature beverages. Chill-Inn Insulated Bottle-Inn product was designed to fit a full, 750ml bottle of wine and keep it in its ideal temperature range for over 24 hours. The Bottle-Inn decanter has a classy, seamless design vacuum sealed to avoid condensation. Chill-Inn Insulated goblets are the perfect cups for alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks both hot and cold; wine or cocktails and everything in between. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor. See our full range available in different colors and all are in stock now.
  • Inspiration Gallery

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  • Bangles & Bracelets

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    LocketInn offers a huge collection of beautiful bangles and bracelets for you. Designed for men and women of all ages. Our jewellery offers purpose to the treasurers of keepsakes, values of family and friendship and empowerment. Stand tall, representing everything that you stand for, and share with your loved ones what’s most important to you. The Collection prides itself on it’s quality. Mantraband Bangles open cuff are simple inspirational. Personalized high grade stainless steel Cuff - Inspire Bracelet - Stacking Bangles. Personalized high grade stainless steel Cuff - Inspire Bracelet - Stacking Bangle. Personalized 3mm Mantra Cuff Band. Uplifting inspirational meaningful messages. Wear any of it as a daily uplifting reminder. Locket Solid Bangles come in Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. The comfortable, polished design is sure to become a favourite. You can customise and fill it with charm plates and personalised charms. Locket bangle is a double-sided, clear glass locket that allows you to add and change charms at a whim! The glass is strong and will not distort with time. To open your locket, twist and screw the crystal face anti clockwise like a lid. Bangle Locket Kids - bracelet locket in multi coloured shades for kids. Our Slap & Snap lockets are made with a removable 25mm silver locket. Other - Explore a wide range of other designed bangles for women at Locketin. We offer good quality of jewellery at affordable prices. When you make any purchase with us, it is our promise that you will receive the highest grade quality, and nothing less. We guarantee that when you shop with Locketinn, your experience will not be a disappointment. Buy online for your beloved or yourself at best price now.
  • Cufflinks Mens

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    Men's Cufflinks. Cufflinks can range from quirky standouts-professional fashion accessories or a fashion accessories to understated works of art. These men's cufflinks will see you through a black tie event in style. Smart casual men's clothing accessories for special occasions, the weekend or work.
  • Earrings

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    Either it's a small party or a wedding function, Locketinn earring collection have something for your occasion. Statement Earrings-Locket Earrings- Clear Swarovski Crystal Earrings-Rose Gold & Gold Tones-Wrapped Hoop With Tassel Statement Earrings. A collection of jewellery earrings are playful, stylish and feminine spirit.
  • Gift Voucher coupon

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    Gift Vouchers coupon are the perfect gift choice. When you're short on time or simply aren't sure what to buy. When it comes to special events like Mother's Day, Birthdays, Christmas or Just Because; we think Gift Vouchers make the perfect gift idea. Gifting her or him a Gift Voucher makes that special someone sure take some time out and treat themself to something exquisite from our Locketinn Collection. Gift Vouchers are a special way to treat somebody to a fun online gift shopping experience so they can be sure they'll end up with a gift they'll love. Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. All gift vouchers are printable. Instant gift !!
  • Key Rings

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    When was the last time you bought yourself a keyring? You can't remember, can you? That's what makes them the perfect gift! Keep your keys in order with & choose from the many personalised pendants to make the most unique keyring. Create your own with locket & charm.
  • Lemon Myrtle Products

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    Our Lemon Myrtle products are designed to offer unique, locally produced and high quality Lemon Myrtle products. The difference in our product is our ability to make fresh products that can change with the season and with customers requests. While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. It is host to a number of substances which are extremely useful in keeping your home and body healthy. The benefits and uses of lemon myrtle essential oil are comparable to those of other oils such as tea tree, especially in regards to its effects on viruses and bacteria. Great for all ages. 100% Australian Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil. Most importantly Lemon myrtle products can be used safely around the home and will not adversely affect members of the family with allergies and reactions to chemicals.
  • Pendant Necklaces

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    Exquisite keepsakes to be treasured or stunning pendants to make a statement. Pendants in crystals, rose gold, gold and silver to suite every outfit. Ladies necklaces
  • Watches-Swarovski Elements

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    Watches made with true Swarovski Elements. All Jimmy Crystal New York watches have a Stainless steel back bases and are nickel & lead free. All of Jimmy Crystal New York items come with a one year warranty to assure ultimate customer satisfaction. Jimmy Crystal sets a new standard for elegance – while dazzling the world!
  • Featured Lockets

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    Our Featured Lockets are assembled by people that enjoy making. Creations like love lockets, family lockets and inspirational lockets. Treat yourself and your beloved ones. Locketinn team have made some inspirational featured lockets for an easy personal gift. Now you can purchase our most popular lockets.
  • Lockets

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    Love lockets? So do we. Locket jewellery is a wonderful and personal way to display your personal style. All jewellery boxes should have a Locket.
  • Charms

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    Personalising Jewellery is a powerful emotion. Choosing charms to capture into a locket is the most perfect gift. Lockets can be shared with friends, family and romantically with a partner. It makes you feel special for who you are, and makes you want to walk proud. Share your love-Without love, we are miserable. Therefore it’s important that we keep spreading the love and express how we feel. Our selection of  charms gives you the opportunity to show your emotions whether that be love, Joy, Excitement, Surprise, or Sadness. Make it Locket Today.  
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  • Chains

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    Quality and stylish necklaces and chains in gold, rose gold or stainless steel; a collection to suit any budget and aspiration. Enticing, necklace selection for the very best in unique lengths & Thickness. Ladies chokers, simple cable chains or layering necklaces to suit any outfit.
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  • Gifts from Heaven collection

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    Gift from Heaven Collection Our Collection “Gifts from Heaven” are designed to discreetly hold keepsakes for ashes locks of hair, dried flowers and scent or even soil from the burial site. Beautiful Jewellery Urns which allow you to hold your loved ones close to your heart. This can bring comfort to family members and close friends. Our urns won't tarnish or cause allergic reactions because made from high grade hypoallergenic stainless steel . All products in this collection are water resistant for “Peace of Mind” and all our urns have a special designed grab screw. Also comes with all necessary equipment for you to fill. Gifts from Heaven come with a full 12 month warranty as per our normal guarantee policy.