Locketinn Collection has recently developed this new collection, called Innsulated Collection. This new range consists a fun and versatile thermal “Chill-Inn” wine goblet & “Bottle-Inn” insulated decanter.
First of all, designed with triple layers of stainless steel so all drinks stay at the perfect temperature! No more worries about taking a sip and getting a mouthful of stale-tasting, room temperature beverages.
Chill-Inn Insulated Bottle-Inn product was designed to fit a full, 750ml bottle of wine and keep it in its ideal temperature range for over 24 hours. The Bottle-Inn decanter has a classy, seamless design vacuum sealed to avoid condensation.
Chill-Inn Insulated goblets are the perfect cups for alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks both hot and cold; wine or cocktails and everything in between. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor.

See our full range available in different colors and all are in stock now.