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After losing my Mother in 2013 I was looking for something that represented her, something I could wear to remind me of the Love I had as Mother & Daughter. My mum didn’t wear jewellery only her wedding rings so I found it hard to find something just right.

It was important to me to capture Mum the person she was, a story of Love, of strength and courage. A story of family warmth, of smiles & laughter. Mum would lend a listening ear to all, but never spoke much of herself; she was decent, fair & when asked, always had the best advice on hand; she was the last to sit at the table & the first to pick up a tea-towel; she gave the warmest hugs & the most encouraging pats on the back, but having a laugh with Mum was one of the things that bought warmth to family occasions. I wanted to have a small part of her with me every day to have her share my life’s, lows and the warmest of highs.

I happened to be visiting Brisbane and was shopping when I was drawn towards a range of glass lockets. I felt overwhelmed when I realised I had found a perfect gift to keep my Mum close to my heart. This Glass Locket I filled with personal charms representing the journey my Mum had in her life, a carousel horse, her favourite colour purple, her birth stone, a heart with the word “Mum” and a swallow. These charms had a significant meaning especially with the swallow because since my Mum’s passing swallows seem to follow me.

That day would change my life and others forever. I felt such enjoy & comfort choosing that gift; I wanted to share that feeling with everyone. I found peace while grieving my Mother in a piece of personalised Jewellery representing her, & I held that so dear to my heart.

I opened up my first shop in Surfers Paradise and I wore my Locket every day and shared my story. I have been blessed to have heard and shared many stories of lose and joyous occasions .I have made friendships & bonds with special people through sharing my Glass Lockets and Memorial urns (“Gifts from Heaven”), that I will cherish forever. I will continue to open more shops and take Locketinn too many different parts of Australia through markets, events and Expo’s. In conjunction with our ever growing Retail Distributers we will continue to share our customer’s heartfelt and memorable stories.

Our level of grief over losing a loved one, my Mother, and our son is only linked to the immeasurable love you had for them in life. When you lose a loved one, nothing is ever the same again. Every facet of your life has a memory of your loved ones, every room in the house, every trip in the Car, a song, a picture, a particular scent, a book, a walk in the park. By wearing a symbol that has personal meaning it can warm the saddest of hearts & the happiest occasions. We listened to our customers & embraced our own loss of loved ones and introduced a Jewellery range to create everlasting memories a bond that cannot be lost. I know how proud my Mum would be & I love that this business is all about her & Jay.