Featured Lockets

What is a Featured Locket you ask? Good question. Each week LocketInn Designers make up some inspirational lockets and post them on social media. These completed lockets might have been inspired by an event on the weekend, their family or pets, the weather or even a random memory – just about anything! If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen these wonderful creations popping up on our timelines. Featured Lockets are the most popular ones that have been on Facebook, the ones that make people leave comments like ‘gorgeous’ and ‘love it – want it’. So, in a way, you could say these are the best of the best – our most popular lockets assembled by people with passion who love their job. Now, you can purchase these Featured lockets online, use them for inspiration to make your own, or you can design you own locket from scratch in the Design a Locket section of this website. Please note that these Featured Lockets do not include chains.