Healing Crystals are a tangible form of the Earth’s energy. When made into a crystal necklace, these crystal pendants carry powerful vibrations that fill your body with light, positivity and healing energy. Each crystal pendant necklace carries a very special and sacred energy; and everyone’s preference in crystal pendants will be different. It is a very individual and personal decision as to which healing crystals and energies you feel drawn to.

We believe that the Earth is the common link we all universally share. Using crystals and embodying a mindful lifestyle allows you to align your body with the energy of the Earth, which vibrates at the highest energy.

Crystals can also bring good luck when worn as a charm. There isn’t anyone in the world who does not wish to be lucky! The easiest way to find good luck, is by carrying crystals for good luck. Gemstones carry living energy, and each one has many different metaphysical and healing properties. Luck is generally part of the energy of many stones, making crystals the ideal good luck charm.