History of the Locket

Lockets are a piece of jewellery that have a very long history. From ladies of the court who wore perfumed lockets in the 17th century in Great Britain, to the lockets available in the market today, lockets continue to maintain both their popularity and versatility. Perhaps the reason that lockets have held our imaginations for so long is because of the way in which they function as jewellery, a piece that is unique to each and every wearer.

The first documented uses of lockets were perfume lockets. Genteel women would fill them with perfumes, scents, essential oils, and vinaigrettes to use during their toilette. The vinaigrettes were especially handy to revive ladies when they swooned from the heat and humidity in crowded ballrooms. In the Victorian era in Britain, lockets became even more popular, and trickled into the middle class. These lockets were considered special gifts that people gave to one another. Each locket could be opened, and inside was usually tucked a token from the person gifting the locket. This token could be a miniature painting, a lock of hair, or even a few small charms; all offered as symbols of remembrance. Lockets became an important token of memory, and were given out at all important occasions—birthdays, weddings, betrothals, Valentine’s Days, and intriguingly, funerals.

History of the locket

As the 20th century dawned, lockets were appropriated by every significant jewellery trend that emerged. From the decorative Art Nouveau to the chic styles of the 21st century, lockets have been reinterpreted time and time again by style icons precisely because of their function. The idea of having an intensely personal piece of jewellery has held most of us captive for a long time, and will continue to do so.

Why buy a Locket?

Just think, what better, more thoughtful and personal, gift is there than a locket that has personal significance for both the wearer and the giver? Over the last couple of years, lockets have also evolved to become a way to display personal style and preferences, with the addition of personalised charms. Buying a locket to show your personality to the world is both a deeply personal, yet very contemporary gesture.

Gold locket with crystals

At LocketInn, we offer lockets that can help you express your personality through jewellery, or become an incredibly thoughtful gift to give to a loved one. Our lockets are havens for precious memories – they can be filled with personalized charms that tell a story unique to the individual who wears them. The lockets also make the charms appear as though they are floating, giving them an almost ethereal look.

Each locket tells a unique story.

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