The LocketInn Story

Founder Cheryl Dawson tells us the story behind LocketInn.

When I found this amazing product I knew I had to share it… everybody has a story to tell and it’s usually about their family, marriage, babies, pets, holidays and interests. I love that I have bonded with so many people, and stay in touch over a coffee and a chat….

Cheryl’s Philosophy
I have always said ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams’. The only person stopping you from getting what you want is you – and your belief in yourself… To start a business the number one thing you have to have is a passion, and the rest will follow. I draw my strength from the beautiful people that share their stories with me. Why LocketInn? Because for me this is how we lock our memories inn forever no matter what!

LocketInn Darling Harbour Store, Sydney

LockInn Darling Harbour

Cheryl’s Story – The Start of LocketInn

After losing my mother I was looking for something that represented her, something I could wear to remind me of the wonderful mum she was. My mum didn’t wear jewellery, only her wedding rings. I didn’t really know what I wanted and I wasn’t actually looking for jewellery.

It was important to me to capture mum as the amazing mother/nana that she was. Mum was always there to share my good times and the not so good, mum always had the best advice. Life for my mother was all about family. We were very close and did everything together, so naturally when i had children my mother became the best ever nana! We all spent a lot of time at nana and grandads. Some of the best times were nana cooking, bathing kids, teaching grandkids to ride push bikes then motor bikes, feeding poddy calves, chickens and so much more. We were truly blessed with nana’s patience and love. I wanted to have my mum’s memories with me everyday….

I happened to be visiting Brisbane and was shopping when I was drawn towards a range of glass lockets. I felt overwhelmed with emotions when I realised I had found a perfect gift to keep my mum close to my heart. I filled the locket with charms representing the journey my mum had in her life, a carousel horse, her favourite colour purple, her birthstone, a heart with the word “mum” and a swallow bird. These charms all had a significant meaning, even the swallow, because since my mum’s passing swallows seem to follow me.

“Why LocketInn? For me this is how we lock our memories in, forever, no matter what!

Life contains so many unpredictable twists & turns and that day my life changed forever. I felt such comfort and enjoyment selecting the locket, chain and charms and I wanted to share that feeling with everyone. I opened up my first shop in Surfers Paradise and I wore that locket every single day. When people asked about the contents, I shared my story and it gave me a good feeling.

Since then, I have done exhibits at a number of different seasonal events, shows and festivals, including the Adelaide Royal Show, Brisbane Ekka, Sydney Royal Easter Show, Rockhampton River Festival, Bundaberg Childers Festival and many more. I have been blessed to have heard many stories of both loss and joyous occasions. I have made friendships & bonds with special people through sharing my lockets that I will cherish forever.

By the end of the year, we will have eight stores and more will be opened in 2016. It doesn’t matter how big we get, we will continue to listen, and share, heartfelt stories – as this is the culture at all LocketInn locations.

I know how proud my mum would be & I love that this business is all about her. I was fortunate the opportunity came along at a time when I was ready, and that I had people around me that believed in me.

LocketInn Founder – Cheryl Dawson