Locketinn Lockets – What displaying certain colours mean.

We all have those favourite colours that make us smile. But are there reasons we like certain colours more than others? Turns out, it’s not as random as you think- with every colour shade bearing it’s own unique meaning.


Pastels – You’ll find pastels in early morning skies or the soft fuzz of a duckling. If you are someone who enjoys the light, airy feel of pastel colours, you are probably an open person. Those who display pastel colours are said to be caring, enough to be considered sensitive to the world around them. The softness of pastel colours mimic the gentle nature of these people.

Bold colours – Striking electric blue, deep wine reds, bold colours are NOT afraid to make a statement, a reflection of those who wear these colours proudly. These people radiate confidence, independence and a yearning for adventure. If you’re the kind of person to never say no to something new and exciting, bolder colours are your forte.

Neutral shades – Browns, blacks and greys. Earthy but fierce, people who are into a more conservative, low key sort of fashion often wear neutrals as a way to accentuate other distinguishing features they may boast. Other associated qualities include power, maturity and intelligence.

Reds, oranges, pinks and yellows – Crimson red, soda pop orange and canary yellow; If you like to rep the warmer side of the colour wheel, you’re likely very passionate, creative, and someone who enjoys socialising. The warmth of these colours can be considered friendly and inviting, much like the associated personality types.

Blues, greens, aquas and purples – Ocean blues, forest green and royal purple; cooler colours tend to be a crowd favourite. If you find yourselves enjoying these shades more than others, you are likely to be spiritual in nature, along with someone who enjoys stability and feeling secure in life. These colours work to reflect your most inner needs and desires.

White- The colour of purity. Associated with peace, optimism and a longing for tranquility. If you frequently find yourself throwing on white jewellery or clothing, it’s likely that you’re someone who pays great attention to detail and considers tidiness as extremely important.