The Great Aussie Sunset Ride

Exploring the glorious mountain trails that Australia has to offer is something a lot of folks like to do on a shining weekend. The wide open spaces and warm weather is nothing but inviting, to those who wish to venture through our Aussie bush territories, coastal beaches and alpine mountains. A year round activity for most riders, many Australians have formed groups dedicated to riding. Speaking to one of our local mountain bike riders, we learnt that a favourite activity involves coasting up along the mountainside in the afternoon after a long ride to watch the sunset. Imagine stunning views of the countryside or city scape, showered with the glowing reds and oranges of a classic Aussie sunset. To enjoy with the company of your fellow riders or even just by yourself, pure relaxation. We were let in on a little secret – the absolute best way to enjoy those moments is with some good quality wine or champagne. The only issue was, a lot of riders had complaints regarding having to carry the heavy bottles- along with the added risk of glass breakage.

Hearing these worries, our team at the Locketinn Collection knew exactly what to do. Introducing Aussie mountain bikers to our Innsulated Thermo Collection- the perfect accompaniment for any sunset hike. Rather than having to worry about breakage, bikers can now relax knowing that the shatterproof, vacuum sealed bottles won’t fall victim to any damage or leakage. Crafted from a high grade stainless steel, our Innsulated Thermo Collection is light in weight, incredibly easy to carry and transport when on the move. Available in white, matte black or rose gold, 750ml thermo decanters can be purchased separately or in gift sets bundled with 12oz insulated thermo wine goblets. That’s one full standard bottle of wine to enjoy amidst a glowing sunset.