What is a Featured Locket?

What is a Featured Locket? Excellent question! Each week our LocketInn Designers make up some stunning lockets.  The inspiration behind these lockets can be varied. It may be something simple like an event that happened over the weekend, special times with family, friends or pets, the weather, a travel memory or a very personal memory that remains dear to them. Really, just about anything can be featured in our lockets. 

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen these beautiful memory filled creations popping up on our timelines. We feature a lot of lockets on social media, however the Featured Lockets are our most popular ones. They are the lockets that have got the most likes and have received the most comments. Comments like ‘Beautiful’, ‘Gorgeous’ and ‘Where can I Buy this?’.

Our Featured Lockets are the lockets that have struck a chord with our followers. They are the lockets that have been assembled by Locket Designers who have a passion for their job. Now, you can purchase these Featured lockets below, or use them for inspiration to design your own locket in the Design a Locket section of this website

Featured Lockets

Family Generation Nana Featured Locket
Family Generation – Nana
Family Generation – Mum
Family Generation – Daughter
Locket Infinite Love
Infinite Love
Mother/Daughter Love
Never Forgotten
Butterfly Dream
Spring is Here
Hello Kitty Lover
Sun Lover
To the Moon and Back
Pink and Purple Blooming Flowers
Illuminating Dream
Compassionate Pink
The Sky and Sea
Classic Rose
Classic Rose
Love and Peace
Romantic Bangle
Purple Lover Bangle
Moon and Back Bangle