Moon Pendants – Part Science, Part Mythology, Part Mystical, but all fun!

City Skyline and Moon

Look upwards on a clear night and it is hard not to be in awe of what you see – the stars, planets, solar systems and galaxies.

The longer you look, the more you start to see and that voice in your head starts asking the big questions ‘are we the only ones’ ‘where did we come from’ and ‘why are we here’.

It is hard to comprehend the vastness of our universe and how it all works, and this is the basis for western astrology.

Whether you are a true believer or just think it is a bit of fun, most people are familiar with western astrological star signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius & Pisces.

Technically speaking a ‘star sign’ is actually a ‘sun sign’ as the western astrological system refers to where the sun was in the sky on the day you were born.

Orion constellation with archer Sagittarius

A father points out the archer in the Orion constellation to his son

Since the sun is vital to life on earth, it’s position in the sky on the day you were born is thought to be highly significant. The sun travels around the earth once per year and passes by 12 constellations in the sky and your zodiac signs refers to which one the sun was in on your birthday.

Your sign is linked to your general approach to life – outgoing or introverted, idealistic or materialistic. However, many astrologers believe that this is way too simplistic, and there are many more factors at play.

One of these is the phase of the moon. Science has shown that the gravitational attraction of the moon (and sun) go some way into controlling the tides here on earth, so the assumption is that if moon can control water – and since adult humans are around 60% water – it must have an influence on us.

This means the moon holds a special place in our hearts and even connects with our ancestors primal fantasies and animals – a full moon is often associated with vampires, bats, howling dogs and crazy behaviour.

On the totally opposite end of the spectrum, many of us equate the moon to romantic walks along a beach, a city skyline or glamorous nightlife.

The Moon Guides Santa

The Moon Guides Santa

The moon can bring out a wild animal’s instinct.

Howling Wolf Full Moon

Whilst traditional astrological sun signs are your ‘personality’, the traits that you portray to the world, moon signs reflect your inner self. The moon is said to affect your emotions, your moods and some even say your unconsciousness. It is the place where you retreat for comfort, a place to calm down and be at peace, although it can also trigger other emotions like rage and extreme passion as well!

At night time, long after the sun has set, the different phases of the moon can often be seen lighting up the sky. In fact, because the moon has a reflective surface and is close to the earth, these can often be seen in broad daylight as well.

The sun goes around the earth one per years and the moon goes around the earth every 28 days. Due to the shadows caused by the earth getting between the sun and moon, there are 8 common phases, known as New Moon, New Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Old Crescent.

Phases of the full growth cycle of the moon

Different phases of the moon.

LocketInn has Moon Pendants for each of the 8 main phases of the moon and you use can use our online calculator to determine which one is right for you. Simply enter your birthday to find out the phase of the moon at that time. Of course, you could enter a lovers birthday, or any significant date in your life – we have Moon Pendants for every occasion, available in four different finishes; Black, Bohemian Gold, Copper or Silver. Each of our Moon Pendants comes with a 50cm chain and, to top it off, all of our Moon Pendants glow in the dark! Simply make sure your moon receives enough light from the sun in the day and by night your Moon Pendant will be glowing bright.

If you use our online moon phase calculator, you may even gain some deeper insights into your inner workings, or you might just want to have some fun and see what it says.

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