Happy Easter

Happy Easter

It’s that time of year, folks! Easter is nearly here, so start prepping your children for the mass sugar hit to come! It’s chocolate season ladies and gents, and no one deserves to miss out! So parents, throw on your Easter bunny costumes and start planning that egg hunt because the day is fast approaching.

The upcoming magical holiday sees families bind together to spread love and positivity. And when there’s THIS much chocolate around, who wouldn’t feel positive?! Easter is a time to spend time with family, friends and gives you the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax a little.

In saying this, on behalf of the LocketInn team, we would love to wish everyone the happiest of Easters! As a special thank you to our customers constant devotion we are offering exclusive Easter discounts in-store and online, so don’t waste time because sales will end in the days leading up.


If you cant find what you want just email us info@locketinn.com.au or call us 0402 324276.


Perfect Easter gifts include our personalized Lockets. Fill your choice of locket with a variety of our religious/faith-based charms and pair it with the chain you like the most! Not only do the charms tell a story, but they also represent who you are at heart. As humans we like to express ourselves creatively, and when other people notice that and follow suit, we find ourselves joining one another in the eternal journey of love and appreciation.

From the LocketInn Family, have a safe and merry Easter everyone.