Australian Jewellery

It runs through our veins, right down through the fingertips which embrace the classic Bunnings snag we all shovel down on a Sunday morning. The Aussie spirit. Some are lucky enough to be born with it, and others… well, after spending enough time in the mainland; drop bears, vegemite and Kath & Kim will all become too familiar. Being Australian means being proud of our nation and all we’ve achieved to date. Being grateful for all our little world has to offer us and taking things in stride. This is why Locketinn is proud to present a new jewellery piece! The Australian Map Glass Dome Pendant is THE signature piece for any proud Aussie. Not to mention, the perfect gift for a loved one overseas who cannot be physically beside you, but can harness the pendant as a bond of spirit.

Able to be fitted to any of our chain range, the way you wear your pendant is completely up to you. Will you be loud and proud with a bold, thicker chain such as our Rolo ‘O’ Ring? Or do you prefer the subtle, elegant look of our Snake or Lip Chain?

With a glass casing, the map pendant showcases the iconic parts of Australia we all know and love. Some will wear it to remind them of the travel ventures they still need to take, while others will wear it as a recollection of the memories already created during your Aussie travels. The gorgeous Great Barrier Reef of Far North Queensland, the cultural celebrations over Uluru Rock, or perhaps the shopping culture of Melbourne’s CBD… Where do you call home?  Wherever it may be, as fellow citizens we should be happy to display symbols of Aussie pride, and Locketinn is proud to help bring that idea to life.

SO what are you waiting for?! Prove you’ve got that true blue Aussie spirit in ya and grab your Glass Dome Pendant here:

Mothers Day 2018

The bond between mother and child is one that is endless. The care and protection that can only be replicated when true familial love is present. It’s a feeling like no other, and one can’t be blamed for wanting to declare it from the rooftops. This Mother’s Day, you don’t have to get ‘Mom’ tattooed on your forehead to show her how much she means to you. All its takes is a little appreciation, and it comes in the form of jewellery. Build her a locket, and remind her of the memories you both share, the goals she still wants to accomplish and the things in life she adores most. With a wide range of family orientated charms, it won’t take you long to customise your mother the ultimate gift of appreciation.


Our special Rose Quartz Pendants are another amazing option – as rose quartz represents unconditional love, which we all know is a mother’s most prized affection. The type of statement piece she can wear everyday, embracing the crystal’s natural energies and healing abilities. After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than symbolising just how much your mother puts up with, STILL managing to provide you a place in her heart. Consider treating yourself to a matching pendant, and further strengthen the bond between mother and child with a physical reminder of each other’s unconditional love.

And lastly, the option for mother’s who deserve a little extra self-care. Locketinn’s Lemon Myrtle range contains all the delicacies she could ever need for the perfect spa-day, sourced right from Australia’s outback. Lip balms, moisturisers, coconut scrubs and essential oils will have her feeling spoilt to the brim of indulgence. And who says you can’t join in on the action? Double up and make it a pampering experience to enjoy each other’s company.


However you decide to proceed – ensure it’s a day she’ll remember… for good reasons only.

Enjoy a lovely upcoming Mother’s Day, from the team at Locketinn!




Rose Quartz Pendant –

Lemon Myrtle Range –

Design a Locket –

Amethyst Pendant Necklace


Amethyst. You look at it and think about how gorgeous it is. It really is the most beautiful purple. Fun fact: There’s brain behind the beauty. Who would have thought?!
Unbeknownst to most, Amethyst is one of the only gemstones which represent cerebral thought and intelligence. It is said to promote critical thinking and aid sober minds, so if you’re holding a glass of wine while reading this, our Amethyst Pendant Necklace may be the perfect statement piece for you!
The amethyst stone aids spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing, positive transformations and is an excellent stress reliever. Basically, if you often find yourself taking hours to make minor decisions, a bit of amethyst in your life might be all you really need. You’re rethinking your favourite colour now, huh? Who knew purple had such a big game backing it.
Pendants are now available for purchase and can be worn for any occasion!

White Marble Pendant Necklace


Imagine this: A single mineral that holds the ability to aid meditation, strengthen self-control and reinforce an individual’s common sense. Oh, and it looks great as a jewellery piece. Locketinn is proud to present our new addition, the ‘White Marble Pendant Necklace!’ …Still wondering what that mineral is?
Marble is highly sought after for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make you look super on-trend and contemporary, but it also invokes a deep metaphysical connection between the wearer and the power of your mind. It is said to inspire artistic creations, and add an aspect of Feng Shui to any room. (Not just because it’s nice to look at in a kitchen, promise!).
Wearing this piece close to your heart will ensure the powers of serenity are always in your favour. And hey, if you’re not all that spiritual- you’re totally allowed to purchase it for aesthetic purposes. Layer the double point crystal between your Locketinn lockets to add an even deeper personal meaning to your jewellery choices. The satellite chain is delicate, designed to flatter any outfit.

Hypoallergenic Water Resistant Lockets

If you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain,
Don’t stress over nothing, your locket will be fine!

LocketInn’s locket range are designed with our customer’s best interest at heart. We don’t want you worrying about tarnishing metals or allergic reactions, so we’ve ensured that our jewellery consists of only the highest grade quality materials. And that includes our water-resistant round lockets! No need to start screaming and flailing at the first sign of rainfall, your locket and charms will remain safe and secure even in the most unpredictable weather events. What we’re saying is- as long as you aren’t planning on taking your next holiday cruise with Noah and his ark, your jewellery has nothing to fear.

Sometimes a customer gets that look on the face. We know the one. There’s hesitation and you stand there looking worried. The jewellery is so your style! But you can’t get too close or your skin will spontaneously combust into itchy hives and send everyone running. But there’s no sense in fearing that with Locketinn, as our jewellery is completely hypoallergenic. No icky skin reactions or discomfort, and no tarnishing! Whether you picked yellow gold, rose gold or silver, your locket’s colour will always stay perfect!

Manufactured with 315 grade hypoallergenic stainless steel, our Lockets are designed to resist the wear and tear of everyday use. A special toughened glass is used to seal your charms in place and prevent breakage or scratching. Along with this, you’ll find that this choice of steel is also corrosion and heat resistant. You might look like a classy fashionista wearing your locket, but you’ll be practically ready for battle!

So keep in mind when purchasing your next piece from Locketinn, that you never have to worry about quality, because we’ve got you covered and ready for anything!

Become a Locketinn Retailer

Becoming a LocketInn Retailer and/or Distributor
Over the years, our team has become overwhelmingly proud of the LocketInn brand and our products. Retail can be a bit of a roller coaster but persistence has prevailed and our lockets are now on trend and more popular than ever! This means we can open up our options and expand, looking for enthusiastic people to join us on this exciting journey.
Whether you’re interested in a full-time income or just want to make a bit of extra money to spoil the kids (or yourself!!) becoming a LocketInn retailer or distributor will change your life for the better! Meet new people and listen to their tales of family, love and travel, while surrounded by beautiful products.

Becoming a retailer for LocketInn means hosting a range of our products in your store- whether it’s a jewellery store, pharmacy, news agency, cosmetics shop or something else, we are more than happy to see our products exposed to new and exciting environments! You choose which of our products you wish to sell, whether it’s a few select lockets or the whole range! You have the control.

Have some fun, earning a little extra a month or create a life changing career. Becoming a distributor for LocketInn means selling our products at your own pace in your own time. Get involved at your favourite local events, setting up a stand at marketplaces, festivals, school events and so many more. And the best news is, YOU get selling rights in that particular region- meaning you don’t have to worry about any pesky competition moving in on your territory!

LocketInn does not encourage high pressure selling. Our top priority as a company is to ensure all retailers, distributors and of course our customers are happy and thriving.
Good LocketInn Retail & Event Designers are busy, and their customers are for life. Our company is growing fast and we’d love you to join!

Call now 0402 324276 or email us

Picking the Perfect Locket for your Partner

Picking the perfect locket for your partner.

Fellas, we’ve noticed. When it comes to down to it, jewellery is not your strong suit. We’ve decided to make the process a bit easier for the blokes with this guide, so you aren’t all going home to a fake smile and un-enthused “It’s great, honey. I’ll just put it away deep in my closet for those super SPECIAL occasions!” Yeah… that’s when you know your efforts (guesses) have failed.

So, let’s get started.
Stage 1: Locketinn Lockets are available primarily in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver. So what will it be, Gold or Silver?
Now gents, there are no tips or tricks involved with this one. It’s all on you. Take a few deep breaths, and tune into that thing you call a memory. Does she already wear jewellery? Yes? If you can’t remember if it’s gold or silver, get out your phone and find a photo where she’s wearing jewellery. If she doesn’t already wear jewellery or you can’t locate a trusty picture, think about her skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour. Customarily, a woman with cool undertones will have blue, grey or green eyes with ashy hair. Her veins will be visibly blue underneath her skin. If this sounds like your girl, pick silver. On the other hand; warm tones will have greenish veins with brown, amber or hazel eyes. Her hair will have a reddish or golden tone to it. If so, pick gold. If all else fails and these little tests are lost on you, go for the neutral option and pick out rose gold. Then at least you can fall back on the excuse of “But rose gold is a neutral shade, darling. It goes with anything!”

Stage 2: Our Lockets come in both plain or crystal variety. Crystals or no crystals?
Simply answer these couple of questions to help you on your way. Is she a ‘wine and dine’ kind of girl, or a ‘stay home and enjoy whatever is on Foxtel kind of girl?’ Does she dress up in high heels and fancy dresses, or lounge around in decade-old clothing? What does your house together look like? Embellished with decoration and art or a cluttered mess of random furniture? If you answered with the latter statement more than once, go with plain. Answered with the first option more than once, go with crystals. Not really sure? Play it safe and get crystals! That way if she decides she likes the plain look better, she can simply flip over the locket to show off it’s bare side, saving the crystals for more classy occasions.

Stage 3: Time to choose a chain. Locketinn offers a variety of lengths as well as style and thickness.
Is she clumsy? Does she work in a field that forbids obvious jewellery? Go with a shorter chain. Does she break things easily? Go with a chunkier chain for extra strength. If her clothing style is outlandish, go with a simple style that won’t clash and become overkill. In reverse, a simple choice of clothing will benefit nicely from a chain that stands out to act as her centrepiece.

Stage 4: This is our fourth and final stage, and it’s a fun one! Thinking caps back on for this one, and let’s choose her charms.

Let’s start with the ‘Love’ charms. You know you love her, and she knows it too, so why not express that? Feel free to take it a step further with an engagement/wedding charm, but do so at your own risk… Locketinn’s ‘Family’ charms have something to represent every family member. If she’s super family orientated, a family tree or baby bottle might do the trick (Unless you’re currently a childfree couple, then perhaps best not to jump the gun and scare her off).
Our travel and celebration charms know just how to perfectly capture a special moment. A maple leaf for her favourite trip to Canada, or a diploma to celebrate her study achievements.
Next comes hobbies, animals and food… surely you don’t need help with this one.
Locketinn’s Faith and Inspirational charms address your lady’s spiritual side. So if she doesn’t have one, make a hard pass. If she does, great! Show her you appreciate that religion is a part of her life with a pair of angel wings or a crystal cross charm.
You’re almost there!! Time to add the finishing touches and finalise the personalisation process. A backing plate to give her locket a theme, a birthstone to show her you do remember her birthday (hopefully!) or alphabet letter charms with her initials. These are just a few of the wide range you can select from to make her gift more special.

Congratulations, you did it! Your prize, a very grateful woman at home. As they say, happy wife = happy life.

Mantra Bands

Mantra Bands Blog

If you’re a lady who loves yoga, you probably know what a mantra is. A mantra is a powerful sound or vibration used to ease your mind into a state of complete relaxation, or, meditation. Practiceing meditation daily is said to have several health benefits, as well as generally improving your life’s balance. Despite the growing number of different mantra phrases out in the world, truthfully a single mantra will not convey the same meaning to one person as it may do to another. A word like ‘love’ might remind someone to spend more time with family, whilst another might see it and take a moment to relish in their own self-worth. With everyone’s personal stories in mind, Locketinn has introduced our own range of special ‘Mantra Bands,’ which are simple, elegant bracelets featuring an inspirational message to help you retain positivity in your lifestyle. Available in a silver or rose gold finish, we have a selection of four different engraved mantras- ‘Live what you love,’ ‘Let your light shine,’ an infinity symbol and ‘Believe.’ And if you purchase a pack of four, you’ll receive a special included ‘Soul Sisters’ band. This choice of phrases was based on the messages we want to send out to everyone, though it is up to you how you wish to interpret them! For example, when I’m wearing my ‘Believe’ Mantra Band I’m trying my absolute hardest to believe there’s still leftover chocolate in the fridge… but that may not be the same story for everyone.
So don’t be afraid to wield that positivity and harness the brilliance in life! It’s already there, you just need a little reminder.

Mums Special Day

Perhaps she keeps you fed with oversized hearty home-cooked meals. Or maybe she brings pizza home after work. Perhaps she spoils you with knitted overcoats in Winter or maybe she lets you curl up in her arms to fight the cold. All mothers are different, but one thing will always stay the same and that is our LOVE for them! Every May brings a very special day where women of all shapes, sizes and colour are brought together in appreciation of their commitment to motherhood.

Be sure to show your mum just how much you love her! Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a trip to the cinema or a gift she’s been eyeing off for weeks. Mother’s Day is an event of the utmost importance here at LocketInn and we want to make every lovely lady’s day a special one! With our family themed charms you can design the perfect locket to suit your mothers personality and taste. One of our adorable dog charms to showcase her favourite pooch, the art palette charm to represent that creative flair of hers or even our motorcycle charm if she has a bit of a wild side. Among the hundreds of unique charms, you’re bound to find more than a few that represent either her own persona or the bond you share together.

Not a jewellery person? We can understand that, too! Hop online or drop in to our Surfer’s Paradise store to view our new Lemon Myrtle product range. Crafted from Australian sourced vegetable-based ingredients, this range of products including Moisturisers, insect repellents, deodorants, soaps and essential oils is being lusted after all over Australia for its delectable lemon aroma and organic production. Perfect for the type of mum who has to stop and smell anything nice she walks past, or anyone who enjoys the simpler things in life.

After all, every woman is one of a kind and deserves a unique gift that will make all the best parts of their being shine.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love, The Locketinn Team.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

It’s that time of year, folks! Easter is nearly here, so start prepping your children for the mass sugar hit to come! It’s chocolate season ladies and gents, and no one deserves to miss out! So parents, throw on your Easter bunny costumes and start planning that egg hunt because the day is fast approaching.

The upcoming magical holiday sees families bind together to spread love and positivity. And when there’s THIS much chocolate around, who wouldn’t feel positive?! Easter is a time to spend time with family, friends and gives you the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax a little.

In saying this, on behalf of the LocketInn team, we would love to wish everyone the happiest of Easters! As a special thank you to our customers constant devotion we are offering exclusive Easter discounts in-store and online, so don’t waste time because sales will end in the days leading up.


If you cant find what you want just email us or call us 0402 324276.


Perfect Easter gifts include our personalized Lockets. Fill your choice of locket with a variety of our religious/faith-based charms and pair it with the chain you like the most! Not only do the charms tell a story, but they also represent who you are at heart. As humans we like to express ourselves creatively, and when other people notice that and follow suit, we find ourselves joining one another in the eternal journey of love and appreciation.

From the LocketInn Family, have a safe and merry Easter everyone.