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Lemon myrtle leaves

Lemon myrtle leaves are among the traditional ingredients used in Australia and that have also become popular around the world in the form of lemon myrtle tea. Aside from the flavour, there are also a lot of health benefits that would make you want to drink lemon myrtle tea.


The botanical name of lemon myrtle is backhousia citriodora. It is a rainforest tree that can grow up to 8 metres high and is endemic in Queensland. Other names used for lemon myrtle include sweet verbana, lemon scented verbana, and lemon scented backhousia. Young lemon myrtles are commonly found in parts of Queensland especially in Brisbane suburbs where they are used as decorative bushes. They are cultivated for the delicate lemon scent and their lovely white flowers. They are grown commercially for their high citral (lemon oil) content using a steam distillation extraction process. The oil is used in various cleaning and cooking and skin care.


Due to its immense health benefits, lemon myrtle tea is said to be able to relieve some disorders such as spasms and muscle cramps, rheumatism, and headaches. Studies have also revealed that citral can help inhibit the growth of pathogens, organisms that causes diseases such as ulcers. It is also said to help reducing cellulite and the antioxidants found in citral can help boost the immune system. It can be used alone or can be combined with green tea as a caffeine replacement for coffee and black tea.

Herbalists and aromatherapists use lemon myrtle and its essential oil for various reasons. The fragrant aroma gives off a wonderful relaxing effect and is also said to improve your concentration as well as promote for better sleep. It can be used as inhalant for treating colds, flus, and other congestive disorders. As a topical treatment, it can be used for various skin conditions such warts and herpes complex. Although it can be applied to the skin in full strength, it is best advised to dilute it first with neural vegetable oils.

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil-powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal

Lemon Myrtle has becoming a valued element not just for its beneficial values in hair and skin care. Lemon Myrtle Fragrances has been a market leader in the continuous development, wholesale and marketing of a comprehensive range of natural, sustainably sourced skin, personal and home care products. Backhousia citriodora is an Australian native flowering plant found growing naturally in the sub-tropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland, in areas from Rockhampton to Brisbane. Using 100% Australian Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil, sourced directly from the original Lemon Myrtle Fragrances farm, and other Australian native botanical oils have been delighting and caring for Australians and, more recently via the internet, the world. Lemon Myrtle contains the highest natural source of citral.


Lemon Myrtle essential oil is a powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal with a list of applications to assist with the treatment of throat and skin infections and boost the immune system. Lemon Myrtle essential oil is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant and expectorant and is said to be more powerful than Tea Tree oil. Lemon Myrtle offers a powerhouse of antioxidants that target a wide range of applications. In aromatherapy, it is valued for its fresh scent with uplifting benefits on your emotions and the ability to calm & soothe, body and mind.

Lemon Myrtle has amazing benefits in skin care for mature or oily skin it works as an astringent to help tighten pores and reduce irritations, with its antibacterial properties this oil can assist will skin infections, wounds and acne. Incorporated into cosmetics its skin whitening and anti-fatigue antioxidants help to strengthen capillaries and minimise dark circles under the eye. In oral care Lemon Myrtle can minimise throat, gum and tooth infections and added to hair care applications Lemon Myrtle no only smells great, it can also reduce damage from heat or styling products. There is no wonder this Australian extract is gaining popularity in products today for its amazing benefits.



While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. It is host to a number of substances which are extremely useful in keeping your home and body healthy. The benefits and uses of lemon myrtle essential oil are comparable to those of other oils such as tea tree, especially in regards to its effects on viruses and bacteria.


1. Disinfectant

In a world that is full of viruses and bacteria that are quickly becoming resistant to traditional treatments, essential oils may be the answer to staying healthy. Lemon myrtle shares the antibacterial properties of lemon and tea tree oil and has been shown to be effective against even new strains of staph and many foodborne diseases. (1)

Mix a few drops of this oil with vinegar and tea tree to create a spray that will disinfect surfaces anywhere in your house. Diffusing in the air should kill any airborne bacteria which may cause seasonal allergies and respiratory distress.

2. Ease Fungal Infections

Along with powerful antibacterial properties, lemon myrtle oil has also been shown to have antifungal properties as well. (2) This is helpful in the preservation of foods that are prone to fungal infections, and lemon myrtle has been used as a natural preservative. Someone who suffers from repeated fungal infections such as athlete’s foot may find a rub of lemon myrtle oil and a carrier oil may help reduce incidences of the infection or even prevent it all together. It may also be helpful in treating in a candida overgrowth in the body as well.

3. Skin Treatment

Much like tea tree oil, lemon myrtle has an effect on skin eruptions such as acne. Acne is sometimes caused by the overproduction of oil on the skin, which then clogs pores and encourages the overgrowth of bacteria. This results in an inflamed mark on the skin. Lemon myrtle has been shown to kill the bacteria found in acne, as well as soothing the skin around it. (3)

Add a few drops of lemon myrtle oil to some witch hazel to treat breakouts. The witch hazel will help shrink pores and help keep further breakouts from occurring. Treating the infection may even prevent further scarring.

4. Ease Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and depression may have different causes, such as inflammation of the nerves in the brain which prevent the proper usage of mood balancing hormones. Not only does lemon myrtle possess anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the inflamed nerves, but it is also slightly sedative so it helps to relax tension which can exacerbate anxiety. (4)

When choosing a mood-lifting mix, lemon myrtle essential oil blends well with other citrus smelling oils such as orange or lemon. Using these scents in your diffuser may help relax your tension and lift your mood.

5. Treat Viral Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum can be an unsightly and painful series of eruptions of the skin. It can occur anywhere on the body and is usually present in children. Traditional treatment included abrasion of the skin to stimulate the body’s immune response. Treating with lemon myrtle oil may prevent further spread of the infection and help ease some of the skin inflammation, which occurs. (5)

Mixing with a carrier oil, apply a topical solution of lemon myrtle to the Mollusca daily until they shrink or go away. Since it is a virus, the oil does not cure the virus but alleviates the symptoms that are found with and allows the body to heal properly.

6. Lemon Myrtle Oil Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

For people who have inflammation like arthritis or even internal inflammatory issues, it can be uncomfortable. However, lemon myrtle oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to fight both external and internal inflammation. (67)

You can make a soothing massage oil by mixing three or four drops of lemon myrtle essential oil with an ounce or two of your carrier oil. Massage this mixture into your joints or any inflamed areas. If you have access to fresh lemon myrtle, pick a few leaves and drop them in boiling water and let them seep to make an anti-inflammatory tea.


Since there are so many essential oils to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top three picks for the best lemon myrtle essential oil. Our short reviews are below for you to compare.


It’s always best to dilute your essential oils before you apply them topically because they can be strong enough to cause a reaction. To dilute the essential oils, you combine them with a carrier oil of your choosing in the following ratios:

1% Dilution:

Best for daily use, facial application, long-term use, and for children under two.

  • 2 tsp = 3 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 4 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 9 drops EO

2% Dilution:

Best for daily use, bath and body products, and child

  • 2 tsp = 6 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 9 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 18 drops EO

3% Dilution:

Best for localized, specific discomfort.

  • 2 tsp = 9 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp =013 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 27 drops EO

5% Dilution:

Best for short-term use of a localized area.

  • 2 tsp = 15 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 22 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 45 drops EO

10% Dilution:

Best for Molluscum, acute situations, and areas of concern.

  • 2 tsp = 30 drops EO
  • 3 tsp/1 tbsp = 45 drops EO
  • 6 tsp/2 tbsp/1 oz = 90 drops EO

“What Colours Mean”

The Great Aussie Sunset Ride

Exploring the glorious mountain trails that Australia has to offer is something a lot of folks like to do on a shining weekend. The wide open spaces and warm weather is nothing but inviting, to those who wish to venture through our Aussie bush territories, coastal beaches and alpine mountains. A year round activity for most riders, many Australians have formed groups dedicated to riding. Speaking to one of our local mountain bike riders, we learnt that a favourite activity involves coasting up along the mountainside in the afternoon after a long ride to watch the sunset. Imagine stunning views of the countryside or city scape, showered with the glowing reds and oranges of a classic Aussie sunset. To enjoy with the company of your fellow riders or even just by yourself, pure relaxation. We were let in on a little secret – the absolute best way to enjoy those moments is with some good quality wine or champagne. The only issue was, a lot of riders had complaints regarding having to carry the heavy bottles- along with the added risk of glass breakage.

Hearing these worries, our team at the Locketinn Collection knew exactly what to do. Introducing Aussie mountain bikers to our Innsulated Thermo Collection- the perfect accompaniment for any sunset hike. Rather than having to worry about breakage, bikers can now relax knowing that the shatterproof, vacuum sealed bottles won’t fall victim to any damage or leakage. Crafted from a high grade stainless steel, our Innsulated Thermo Collection is light in weight, incredibly easy to carry and transport when on the move. Available in white, matte black or rose gold, 750ml thermo decanters can be purchased separately or in gift sets bundled with 12oz insulated thermo wine goblets. That’s one full standard bottle of wine to enjoy amidst a glowing sunset. 

The INNsulated Collection

About The INNsulated Collection


At Locketinn Collection, we’re inspired by a thirst for adventure. We’ve added an exciting new product range to our unique blend of fashion accessories & beauty products. We find inspiration from many a source, ensuring that we continually bring the most relevant, and on trend products to our customers. We started INNsulated by Locketinn with a simple goal in mind, to replace wasteful, single-use plastic bottles with insulated bottles & cups made from stainless steel. Goblets (cups) that can keep your coffee steaming hot and decanter bottles & goblets that can keep your water or alcohol beverages icy cold. Ideal products for both indoor and outdoor – day drinks on the patio, by the pool, lake or beach, BBQ’s, family reunions, boating, camping, glamping, or any party occasion. Our signature INNsulated Collection Triple insulation outperforms our competitors. The superior conductive property of copper evenly maintains the temperature throughout the Bottle-Inn decanter & Chill-Inn goblet, enhancing the insulation. Locketinn Collection insulated “Bottle-Inn” decanter keeps wine at the perfect temperature for up to 24 hours, and holds one standard bottle of wine. The functionality of this classy seamless insulated range is stunning, elegant & technology in it triple layered stainless steel vacuumed sealed means, No condensation & No breakages. We’re more than just another online insulated collection….We are an Australian company caring for the environment. It’s who we are and we’re striving to make a difference, One Refill at a Time…


INNsulated By Locketinn collection/ INNsulated By Locketinn| 2019  



Wearing Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Together

Wearing Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Together


‘Can it really be done?’ They ask.

‘But how!?! How could you commit such crimes?!’


Yes ladies and gents, it CAN be done. You CAN mix different toned jewellery together. Rose gold, yellow gold, silver- go nuts! We promise, no fashion police are speeding down the highway for you just yet.

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and this time- it’s well worth the rebellion.


Let’s start from scratch, forget everything you think you know about mixing and matching jewellery tones. We know that yellow gold carries a warmer tone, expressing a mature, traditional sort of look. Silver on the other hand can be taken two ways- deeper toned silvers are quite powerful or tough in appearance, while the lighter tones are airy with class. Rose Gold’s coppery blush tones give off a more modern, trendy vibe. So what draws you in most? If you find yourself appealed to each style, step out of that comfort zone and start mixing!


You can make a simple start by adding a single gold or rose gold piece to a silver set, or vice versa. For example, make a rose gold bracelet a standout point in your next outfit if the rest of your jewellery is silver. Catches the eye and adds a bit of extra personality. Layering is another big one. Give your necklaces/lockets a more dimensional look and feel by layering rose gold, gold and silver together. You can even play around with different lengths to put emphasis on a certain colour!


Fashion should always be fun, so remember to throw away the traditional rules and make your own!


Australian Jewellery

It runs through our veins, right down through the fingertips which embrace the classic Bunnings snag we all shovel down on a Sunday morning. The Aussie spirit. Some are lucky enough to be born with it, and others… well, after spending enough time in the mainland; drop bears, vegemite and Kath & Kim will all become too familiar. Being Australian means being proud of our nation and all we’ve achieved to date. Being grateful for all our little world has to offer us and taking things in stride. This is why Locketinn is proud to present a new jewellery piece! The Australian Map Glass Dome Pendant is THE signature piece for any proud Aussie. Not to mention, the perfect gift for a loved one overseas who cannot be physically beside you, but can harness the pendant as a bond of spirit.

Able to be fitted to any of our chain range, the way you wear your pendant is completely up to you. Will you be loud and proud with a bold, thicker chain such as our Rolo ‘O’ Ring? Or do you prefer the subtle, elegant look of our Snake or Lip Chain?

With a glass casing, the map pendant showcases the iconic parts of Australia we all know and love. Some will wear it to remind them of the travel ventures they still need to take, while others will wear it as a recollection of the memories already created during your Aussie travels. The gorgeous Great Barrier Reef of Far North Queensland, the cultural celebrations over Uluru Rock, or perhaps the shopping culture of Melbourne’s CBD… Where do you call home?  Wherever it may be, as fellow citizens we should be happy to display symbols of Aussie pride, and Locketinn is proud to help bring that idea to life.

SO what are you waiting for?! Prove you’ve got that true blue Aussie spirit in ya and grab your Glass Dome Pendant here:

Mothers Day 2018

The bond between mother and child is one that is endless. The care and protection that can only be replicated when true familial love is present. It’s a feeling like no other, and one can’t be blamed for wanting to declare it from the rooftops. This Mother’s Day, you don’t have to get ‘Mom’ tattooed on your forehead to show her how much she means to you. All its takes is a little appreciation, and it comes in the form of jewellery. Build her a locket, and remind her of the memories you both share, the goals she still wants to accomplish and the things in life she adores most. With a wide range of family orientated charms, it won’t take you long to customise your mother the ultimate gift of appreciation.


Our special Rose Quartz Pendants are another amazing option – as rose quartz represents unconditional love, which we all know is a mother’s most prized affection. The type of statement piece she can wear everyday, embracing the crystal’s natural energies and healing abilities. After all, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than symbolising just how much your mother puts up with, STILL managing to provide you a place in her heart. Consider treating yourself to a matching pendant, and further strengthen the bond between mother and child with a physical reminder of each other’s unconditional love.

And lastly, the option for mother’s who deserve a little extra self-care. Locketinn’s Lemon Myrtle range contains all the delicacies she could ever need for the perfect spa-day, sourced right from Australia’s outback. Lip balms, moisturisers, coconut scrubs and essential oils will have her feeling spoilt to the brim of indulgence. And who says you can’t join in on the action? Double up and make it a pampering experience to enjoy each other’s company.


However you decide to proceed – ensure it’s a day she’ll remember… for good reasons only.

Enjoy a lovely upcoming Mother’s Day, from the team at Locketinn!




Rose Quartz Pendant –

Lemon Myrtle Range –

Design a Locket –

Amethyst Pendant Necklace


Amethyst. You look at it and think about how gorgeous it is. It really is the most beautiful purple. Fun fact: There’s brain behind the beauty. Who would have thought?!
Unbeknownst to most, Amethyst is one of the only gemstones which represent cerebral thought and intelligence. It is said to promote critical thinking and aid sober minds, so if you’re holding a glass of wine while reading this, our Amethyst Pendant Necklace may be the perfect statement piece for you!
The amethyst stone aids spiritual awareness, inner peace and healing, positive transformations and is an excellent stress reliever. Basically, if you often find yourself taking hours to make minor decisions, a bit of amethyst in your life might be all you really need. You’re rethinking your favourite colour now, huh? Who knew purple had such a big game backing it.
Pendants are now available for purchase and can be worn for any occasion!