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Need To Boost Your Immune System This Autumn?

Lemon myrtle leaves Lemon myrtle leaves are among the traditional ingredients used in Australia and that have also become popular around the world in the form of lemon myrtle tea. Aside from the flavour, there are also a lot of health benefits that would make you want to drink lemon myrtle tea. WHAT IS LEMON […]

Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil-powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-fungal

Lemon Myrtle has becoming a valued element not just for its beneficial values in hair and skin care. Lemon Myrtle Fragrances has been a market leader in the continuous development, wholesale and marketing of a comprehensive range of natural, sustainably sourced skin, personal and home care products. Backhousia citriodora is an Australian native flowering plant found […]


LEMON MYRTLE ESSENTIAL OIL BENEFITS AND USES While it may not seem as common as other Australia based essential oils, lemon myrtle essential oil has many of the same benefits. It is host to a number of substances which are extremely useful in keeping your home and body healthy. The benefits and uses of lemon […]

Fallon Prestidge

My mum is amazing because from 1 day old to now at 24 she is the one person I look too for guidance, comfort, love and advice. She has all the answers when I think there are no options left. She keeps me grounded and I am a better person for having her as a […]

Merryn Kenderdine

My partner of 2 years have spent everyday together since we first met. It truly was love at first sight. Last year for my birthday he went away for a week for work (our first time away from one another) and he got back just in time for my birthday, he surprised me with a […]

Megan Perrett

Steve and I met through mutual friends.20 years of marriage and love me having breast cancer Steve had double leg amputation He died 2015.

Lyn Ham

Once upon a time, no self esteem,abusive relationship,along came knight in shining armour. My friend and her boyfriend were at a local hotel and her boyfriends army friend went in. They concluded that it would be good for him to meet me. He came and for me it was love at first sight . I […]

Wayne Hewson

It was love at first sight & I’ve been married to this wonderful women for 31 years & I wouldn’t change a thing that’s love

Leanne Morris

I was trying to kick 2 men out one night on closing from a local pub I use to work. Both men dropped to their knees and started singing Top Gun Song-“You’ve lost that loving feeling” ! I have now been marriage to one of them for 11 years and his accomplice is still his […]