Love & Care of your Locket

Love & Care of your LocketInn Locket- The Do’s and Don’ts.

After purchasing a piece of our jewellery, we want our customers to be able to cherish the product as a special keepsake for as long as possible! What’s important to you is important to us, so how to take care of your new locket is something every patron should be educated on.

– Girls, we know how much we love our perfume- but when you’re wearing your locket any chemical-based fragrances, lotions or creams are a BIG no-no! On the plus side, smelling nice isn’t a priority when you have a gorgeous piece of jewellery to show off!

-Don’t over stock your locket or force charms in where they don’t fit.

-Don’t shower or go swimming with your locket. We get it, it’s Summer and hot! Enjoy and cool off, but unfortunately, although our round lockets are water resistant, they haven’t had swimming lessons yet.

– Clean your jewellery! Make sure it’s looking nice and shiny at all times with one of our microfibre cloths, it’s worth looking on point everyday.

-Get into the habit of checking your locket’s lid. While we guarantee your locket has been secured properly by our trained staff, there’s always a chance a little knock or bump to your locket could have repercussions! Making sure the lid is tight and secure will ensure you don’t lose any of your precious charms.

-Use your best judgement when handling and/or storing your locket for safe keeping. Store in one of LocketInn’s microfibre pouches or a jewellery box to best maintain it’s finish and shine.

-Most importantly, enjoy! A safe locket is a good locket!