AfterPay – Interest Free


The jewellery is right there. You could almost swear it’s looking right at you. Temptation rises and you’re left wondering whether you and the kids can go without breakfast for a few days. If only you didn’t love bacon so much.

LocketInn is ecstatic to announce that we now offer AfterPay to our customers as a convenient payment option. This will now allow patrons to pay off their jewellery in four fortnightly Interest Free instalments. And the best part about it? You receive your purchase straight away!

Another thing we love about AfterPay is the complete ease of use. Payments are automatically taken from your nominated account every two weeks, so you don’t even have to leave the house! You’ll also receive reminders via text and/or email to ensure that you’re well prepared for each transaction. No thought required! It’s quick, it’s easy, YOU get to strut your stuff in your new piece of jewellery and the kids remain well fed.

For a stress-free shopping experience, select the AfterPay option at checkout during your next purchase on our website.