Host a Social


Who’s down for a party, folks?!

Hosting a LocketInn party is an amazing way to reconnect with friends over a coffee or even a wine and cheese, all while designing and sharing your very own locket creations with one another.

Chill out in the comfort of your own home- you don’t need any sort of formal qualification or sales skills. Take advantage of a lazy Sunday and make it a pyjama party! Or if you’re feeling daring, ask each of your friends to bring someone you haven’t met- It’s a wonderful way to socialise with new and interesting people! While customising your own locket designs using our “Design a Locket” Website app you’ll find you learn a lot about a person; their most treasured stories, family, wishes and dreams. And of course, if you’re struggling to keep the husbands busy- you can’t go wrong with a good old Aussie BBQ.

The process is simple. Send us an email with the details of your planned social event and contact information, and we will get back to you ASAP with a special code. This code is important! During the next 48 hours, any of your invited guests can use this unique code with their purchase to get points redeemable online or in-store towards YOUR next LocketInn purchase. Those who couldn’t make the party don’t have to miss out either! As long as they own a computer, tablet or smart phone with access to our online store via our website, App Store or Google Play they can participate in a ‘virtual party’ and use your unique code from wherever in the world they may be located. We’ll make sure things run as smoothly and conveniently as possible for the host and their guests.

So now that you have an excuse to hold the event of the century, why not get your friends together before the Christmas rush to do some leisurely locket-building and share gift ideas? Happy partying!

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