Lifetime Replacement

Accidents happen. Kids get into things, pets run amok and some of us adults are just plain clumsy.

But don’t worry, we totally get it. LocketInn favours the uncoordinated and even offers a Lifetime Glass Replacement Policy in the case that things turn sour. This guarantee ensures all our customers are granted peace of mind when purchasing one of our lockets. Even if your warranty period has expired, we will replace your bangle, bracelet or locket if the glass or product itself unintentionally becomes damaged.

All YOU need to do is bring in your damaged item and return it back to us, allowing you a ‘like for like’ replacement for which you only pay 50% of Recommended Retail price. How easy is that?! That also means that next time you drop your LocketInn bangle, bracelet or locket, you only have to shed 50% of the tears you would have originally!

Please visit our website for more details.