Locketinn on Trend…

It’s no secret that we like to have fun here at Locketinn, and who wouldn’t enjoy their work when it involves days filled with beautiful jewellery? But as with all consumer sectors, the jewellery industry is not without its challenges, and that’s something we take very seriously. Jewellery is either on trend or it’s not.
Lockets are by no means a new concept—and yet, the thought of carrying a special memento around your neck is still incredibly endearing. It’s why lockets have stuck around in the fashion domain and will continue to do so in our locketinn stores—in every shape, size, and style imaginable. From vintage-inspired pieces to modern customizable styles, we found a locket that will fit every personality. Jewellery that has more meaning and captures the unique personality of our customers is what Locketinn is all about.