Why are our Lockets the Perfect Gift ?



Shannon’s birthday is coming up. So soon begins the tiresome routine of gift shopping- picking something she’ll love, something that will last and something that won’t break the bank. Shoes, dresses, makeup- there’s no thought behind it!


Show your loved one you know them best with one of LocketInn’s signature lockets. Dressed with an assortment of our gorgeous charms, you can capture her love for music with a treble clef charm, or maybe an instrument? Of course, no one except you knows about her secret shoe addiction- so grab one of our high heel charms and share the treasured inside joke. One of our many friendship and/or love charms will show her just how you truly feel, a special feeling no other gift could replicate.


Your recipient will be able to keep your gift close to her heart, all day everyday! She won’t want to forget the personalised meaning behind the locket, and with our 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Glass Replacement Guarantee, there’s no need to worry! Our lockets are built to last forever, and hopefully your relationship follows suit!


Here at LocketInn it’s the thought that counts, the jewellery is just a pretty bonus.