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If you’re a lady who loves yoga, you probably know what a mantra is. A mantra is a powerful sound or vibration used to ease your mind into a state of complete relaxation, or, meditation. Practiceing meditation daily is said to have several health benefits, as well as generally improving your life’s balance. Despite the growing number of different mantra phrases out in the world, truthfully a single mantra will not convey the same meaning to one person as it may do to another. A word like ‘love’ might remind someone to spend more time with family, whilst another might see it and take a moment to relish in their own self-worth. With everyone’s personal stories in mind, Locketinn has introduced our own range of special ‘Mantra Bands Bangles & Bracelets,’ which are simple, elegant bracelets featuring an inspirational message to help you retain positivity in your lifestyle. Available in a silver or rose gold finish, we have a selection of four different engraved mantras- ‘Live what you love,’ ‘Let your light shine,’ an infinity symbol and ‘Believe.’ And if you purchase a pack of four, you’ll receive a special included ‘Soul Sisters’ band. This choice of phrases was based on the messages we want to send out to everyone, though it is up to you how you wish to interpret them! For example, when I’m wearing my ‘Believe’ Mantra Band I’m trying my absolute hardest to believe there’s still leftover chocolate in the fridge… but that may not be the same story for everyone.
So don’t be afraid to wield that positivity and harness the brilliance in life! It’s already there, you just need a little reminder.