Picking the Perfect Locket for your Partner

Picking the perfect locket for your partner.

Fellas, we’ve noticed. When it comes to down to it, jewellery is not your strong suit. We’ve decided to make the process a bit easier for the blokes with this guide, so you aren’t all going home to a fake smile and un-enthused “It’s great, honey. I’ll just put it away deep in my closet for those super SPECIAL occasions!” Yeah… that’s when you know your efforts (guesses) have failed.

So, let’s get started.
Stage 1: Locketinn Lockets are available primarily in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver. So what will it be, Gold or Silver?
Now gents, there are no tips or tricks involved with this one. It’s all on you. Take a few deep breaths, and tune into that thing you call a memory. Does she already wear jewellery? Yes? If you can’t remember if it’s gold or silver, get out your phone and find a photo where she’s wearing jewellery. If she doesn’t already wear jewellery or you can’t locate a trusty picture, think about her skin tone, eye colour and natural hair colour. Customarily, a woman with cool undertones will have blue, grey or green eyes with ashy hair. Her veins will be visibly blue underneath her skin. If this sounds like your girl, pick silver. On the other hand; warm tones will have greenish veins with brown, amber or hazel eyes. Her hair will have a reddish or golden tone to it. If so, pick gold. If all else fails and these little tests are lost on you, go for the neutral option and pick out rose gold. Then at least you can fall back on the excuse of “But rose gold is a neutral shade, darling. It goes with anything!”

Stage 2: Our Lockets come in both plain or crystal variety. Crystals or no crystals?
Simply answer these couple of questions to help you on your way. Is she a ‘wine and dine’ kind of girl, or a ‘stay home and enjoy whatever is on Foxtel kind of girl?’ Does she dress up in high heels and fancy dresses, or lounge around in decade-old clothing? What does your house together look like? Embellished with decoration and art or a cluttered mess of random furniture? If you answered with the latter statement more than once, go with plain. Answered with the first option more than once, go with crystals. Not really sure? Play it safe and get crystals! That way if she decides she likes the plain look better, she can simply flip over the locket to show off it’s bare side, saving the crystals for more classy occasions.

Stage 3: Time to choose a chain. Locketinn offers a variety of lengths as well as style and thickness.
Is she clumsy? Does she work in a field that forbids obvious jewellery? Go with a shorter chain. Does she break things easily? Go with a chunkier chain for extra strength. If her clothing style is outlandish, go with a simple style that won’t clash and become overkill. In reverse, a simple choice of clothing will benefit nicely from a chain that stands out to act as her centrepiece.

Stage 4: This is our fourth and final stage, and it’s a fun one! Thinking caps back on for this one, and let’s choose her charms.

Let’s start with the ‘Love’ charms. You know you love her, and she knows it too, so why not express that? Feel free to take it a step further with an engagement/wedding charm, but do so at your own risk… Locketinn’s ‘Family’ charms have something to represent every family member. If she’s super family orientated, a family tree or baby bottle might do the trick (Unless you’re currently a childfree couple, then perhaps best not to jump the gun and scare her off).
Our travel and celebration charms know just how to perfectly capture a special moment. A maple leaf for her favourite trip to Canada, or a diploma to celebrate her study achievements.
Next comes hobbies, animals and food… surely you don’t need help with this one.
Locketinn’s Faith and Inspirational charms address your lady’s spiritual side. So if she doesn’t have one, make a hard pass. If she does, great! Show her you appreciate that religion is a part of her life with a pair of angel wings or a crystal cross charm.
You’re almost there!! Time to add the finishing touches and finalise the personalisation process. A backing plate to give her locket a theme, a birthstone to show her you do remember her birthday (hopefully!) or alphabet letter charms with her initials. These are just a few of the wide range you can select from to make her gift more special.

Congratulations, you did it! Your prize, a very grateful woman at home. As they say, happy wife = happy life.