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Wearing Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Together

Wearing Silver, Gold & Rose Gold Together


‘Can it really be done?’ They ask.

‘But how!?! How could you commit such crimes?!’


Yes ladies and gents, it CAN be done. You CAN mix different toned jewellery together. Rose gold, yellow gold, silver- go nuts! We promise, no fashion police are speeding down the highway for you just yet.

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken, and this time- it’s well worth the rebellion.


Let’s start from scratch, forget everything you think you know about mixing and matching jewellery tones. We know that yellow gold carries a warmer tone, expressing a mature, traditional sort of look. Silver on the other hand can be taken two ways- deeper toned silvers are quite powerful or tough in appearance, while the lighter tones are airy with class. Rose Gold’s coppery blush tones give off a more modern, trendy vibe. So what draws you in most? If you find yourself appealed to each style, step out of that comfort zone and start mixing!


You can make a simple start by adding a single gold or rose gold piece to a silver set, or vice versa. For example, make a rose gold bracelet a standout point in your next outfit if the rest of your jewellery is silver. Catches the eye and adds a bit of extra personality. Layering is another big one. Give your necklaces/lockets a more dimensional look and feel by layering rose gold, gold and silver together. You can even play around with different lengths to put emphasis on a certain colour!


Fashion should always be fun, so remember to throw away the traditional rules and make your own!