White Marble Pendant Necklace


Imagine this: A single mineral that holds the ability to aid meditation, strengthen self-control and reinforce an individual’s common sense. Oh, and it looks great as a jewellery piece. Locketinn is proud to present our new addition, the ‘White Marble Pendant Necklace!’ …Still wondering what that mineral is?
Marble is highly sought after for a variety of reasons. Not only does it make you look super on-trend and contemporary, but it also invokes a deep metaphysical connection between the wearer and the power of your mind. It is said to inspire artistic creations, and add an aspect of Feng Shui to any room. (Not just because it’s nice to look at in a kitchen, promise!).
Wearing this piece close to your heart will ensure the powers of serenity are always in your favour. And hey, if you’re not all that spiritual- you’re totally allowed to purchase it for aesthetic purposes. Layer the double point crystal between your Locketinn lockets to add an even deeper personal meaning to your jewellery choices. The satellite chain is delicate, designed to flatter any outfit.