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Featured Lockets

What is a Featured Locket? Excellent question! Each week our LocketInn Designers make up some stunning lockets.  The inspiration behind these lockets can be varied. It may be something simple like an event that happened over the weekend, special times with family, friends or pets, the weather, a travel memory or a very personal memory […]

Swarovski – A Tradition of Perfection

A dictionary definition of the word ‘crystal’ usually leaves you more confused than when you first started, “a piece of a homogeneous solid substance having a natural geometrically regular form with symmetrically arranged plane faces”. Putting all that big-word geology stuff aside, there are many types of naturally occurring crystals in nature, including table salt, snowflakes and […]

History of the Locket

Lockets are a piece of jewellery that have a very long history. From ladies of the court who wore perfumed lockets in the 17th century in Great Britain, to the lockets available in the market today, lockets continue to maintain both their popularity and versatility. Perhaps the reason that lockets have held our imaginations for […]